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Abraham Lincoln Seldom Told Stories -- Warren Bull

Abraham Lincoln Seldom Told Stories



Warren BullIn his 30 years as a clinical psychologist Warren Bull saw everything from people thriving despite unimaginable horrors to people who inflict severe pain on others. He remains convinced that salvage and redemption are possible for every individual when treated with kindness and respect.

With his background it is understandable that he writes about the entire human experience in his mysteries. Warren Bull writes about any time, place and person that he can imagine. His novels are set in the time shortly before the American Civil War.  A prolific short story writer with more than a hundred short stories published, the author’s work spans centuries, locations worldwide, emotions behavior and people. If you like your whodunit soft-boiled, hard-boiled or over easy, you’ll find something to your fit your palate in his work.


Derringer Flash Fiction Award Finalist 2012
Finalist in Young Adult Discovery Award for novels 2010
Best Short Story of the Year from the Missouri Writers’ Guild 2006
Great Manhattan Conclave Short Story Award 2008
Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine Mysterious Photograph Award Jan/Feb 2011
Cover Story and Editor’s Choice in Flash Bang Mysteries 2015 (The first issue of the magazine)
Strange Summer Mysteries Best Fantasy 2012
Strange Mysteries 4 Best Story 2012
Strange Mysteries Readers Favorite Story 2009
Medium of Murder Finalist National Best Books Award 2008 (Award for the entire anthology including one short story by Warren Bull)

What people are saying about Warren's writing...

…Opening with a corpse and progressing as smoothly as a Raymond Chandler tale, through a sequence of excellent surprises to a satisfying denouement.
-Susan Hilary, winner of the Sense Creative Award in 2010, and the Fish Criminally Short Histories Prize in 2008.

An impeccable grasp of history, great sensitivity to the diction of the narrator, and powerful insight into, as William Faulkner said in his Nobel Prize Acceptance Speech, “the human heart in conflict with itself.”
-Juliet Kincaid, Author, taught composition, creative writing & creative writing workshop for more than twenty years.

Wonderful use of language
-Dorothy Phoenix, librarian 


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