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Killer Eulogy
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Murder Manhattan Style
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Warren Bull is an award-winning author with more than one hundred published short stories. His novels Abraham Lincoln for the Defense, Abraham Lincoln: Death in the Moonlight and Heartland as well as his short story collections Murder Manhattan Style and No Happy Endings are available at amazon.com. An ebook short story collection Killer Eulogy and Other Stories is available at Untreedreads.com.

Warren was licensed as a psychologist in three states. He held two national credentials as a clinical psychologist. During is thirty-year career, he worked with people of all ages from many ethnic backgrounds and religious affiliations.

Warren has been writing for as long as he can remember. He is a fierce competitor in games of trivia. He claims to come from a functional family.

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Killer Eulogy and Other Stories

by Warren Bull

One definition of noir is “no happy endings.” In this short story collection by award-winning author, Warren Bull, don’t expect any last-minute reprieves - it isn’t going to happen. Dark desires spiral inexorably down toward disaster. Bad choices lead to dangerous consequences, and a sucker never gets an even break.

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Murder Manhattan Style

by Warren Bull

“Warren Bull is a short story master, and this collection shows him at his best with quick stories told in crisp, clear prose. There's variety, drama, history, humor, pathos, compassion, and even Shakespeare here, along with surprising and satisfying endings to every story.”
   — Nancy Pickard, New York Times Bestselling Author

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No Happy Endings
No Happy Endings
Abraham Lincoln for the Defense
Abraham Lincoln for the Defense
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Abraham Lincoln In Court & Campaign
Abraham Lincoln in Court and Campaign

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